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Why I Increased My Therapy Sessions Since The Pandemic

Did you know the best financial decision you can make is therapy? Why? Unhealed trauma will affect your finances more than any external factors such as interest rates, inflation or the stock market ever will. #inflation #gasprices

What we know and believe about money stems from what we saw or were taught in our youth. Reflecting on your childhood can be a great way to understand your current relationship with money.

🚨Trigger Warning!!!🚨

I was sexually abused from the age of 13-17 by a close relative.

So what does my childhood sexual abuse trauma have with my increased therapy sessions since the Pandemic in 2020?

Well, my abuser's discretions weren't acknowledged by my family until 2020. Almost 20 years after I spoke up and told everyone!

2020, was a very tough year for my family, aside from the global pandemic that everyone experienced. We lost relatives, I was pregnant with my second child and bad news traveled that my abuser offended again. This time it was very hard for him to lie his way out of a trail of "me too" cases. #metoo

So how does this life-altering series of unfortunate events affect my wealth-building journey? This traumatic experience is one of the motivating factors behind my needing to be financially independent. #financialfreedom

Let's recap...

Members of my family believed I lied about being abused. I was exiled at age 17 and made homeless. I was still a child and I had to figure out how to take care of myself. I was broke and broken.

My sexual abuse trauma affects my money journey now.

Saving money, investing money, and building wealth is required for my and my family's survival. #victimtosurvivor Pursuing financial independence is for EVERYONE even if you never plan to retire. WHY? Because money provides access to toxic and life-threatening situations. #selfcare

Some abuse victims are financially dependent on their abusers, making it harder to leave. I had a relative tell me... "I know he hurt you but I can't stop talking to him because he helps me out when I need help, and I don't have anyone else to call.”

Could you imagine being so financially broken that you allow children to get hurt because you can't afford to walk away? This can't be me. This won't be me. I won't subject my children to this. My children deserve generational wealth, not generational trauma.

I wrote about the trauma I went through and how I overcame it in my new book The Missing Chapter: Overcoming Generational Trauma in Order to Build Generational Wealth. This book contains practical yet unconventional methods for overcoming trauma so that you can live a wealthier, more abundant life.

I launched my signature program the Build Your Wealth Accelerator to help others heal and obtain financially abundant life. I would love for you to join me on this wealth-building journey!

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