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Ready to build wealth

with minimal effort?

Even if you've never invested before, have no desire to become a finance professional and are an incredibly busy person.

Does this sound familiar?

You tell yourself over and over again that you'll start investing... someday.

But that someday hasn't come yet, has it.

More important things just keep getting in the way, so learning how to invest? That just keeps getting pushed off, because, isn’t that complicated anyway? How could you possibly learn something so huge that seems so unattainable for the 99% of the world that doesn’t work on Wall Street? 


So further down the ever-growing to-do list it goes.

Pencil and notepad

Well, what if next year could be now?

Imagine a world where you have ultimate time freedom because your investments are working so hard for you, they fund your life. You no longer have to work for money because you’ve made some smart decisions that led you to financial independence. 


Imagine having endless options. The option on how you want to spend your time. The option to travel whenever you want. The option on what kind of work you want to do. The option of where to live and who to spend your time with.


Imagine feeling so financially confident that you could take a break from working or tell that toxic job "goodbye" because you have enough money saved.


Imagine being able to hold your own when a financial advisor tries to convince you to buy an investment product you may not need.


Imagine never worrying about your financial future again.


Feels pretty good, right?

Now imagine... 

Your money is working for you.

Every dollar is being put to use.

You're building wealth on auto-pilot, and honestly? It was easy to get those systems in place.


Listen, I get it.

We're all busy.

We're working demanding careers, running our own businesses and side-hustles while also taking care of a household, whether that's a household with kids, a spouse or pets.


We've got meals to prep, bodies to take to the gym, kids to chauffeur to practice, naps to take, and Friday night plans to cancel.


We’re all busy and the last thing most of us need is a complicated plan on how to get our money working for us.

We need easy.
We need fast.
We need efficient.
And we need to set it & forget it.


Why I Created this Course for You

Want to know why I created this course and who it's for? Check out this video!

You've seen other investing courses... and something doesn't feel quite right.

Seriously! Do you really need PE ratios, technical analysis and all the puts and options that would almost qualify you for as a CFP?


Definitely not, right?

I know how scary it can be... to realize that no one is coming to save you. Not our government, not our parents, not a prince in shiny armor, not a hefty inheritance. I had to come to several of those realizations in my own life:

  • Realizing it was up to me to get out of debt 

  • Realizing it was up to me to get out of homelessness

  • Realizing it was up to me, and only me, to prepare for my future

  • Realizing no one was coming to save me


We have to be our own saviors when it comes to our futures. So you ready to do this for yourself?


If you're finally ready to...

  • Secure your own future

  • Start investing to build wealth

  • Stop questioning your financial decisions

  • Feel confident that your money is working for you

  • Overcome any mental blocks that are holding you back from getting that bag

  • Feel at peace with your financial future

  • Work toward time freedom and unlimited options


...without feeling like you need to get a PhD in Financial Planning… then it’s time to join the course so that you can set your wealth building engine on autopilot, and get compounding in less than 60 days.

This is Why I Created The Build Your Wealth Course. 

What I teach in The Build Your Wealth Accelerator Course is not only everything you need to get started right away, but it works. In fact, the method I teach is the same method that consistently outperforms the majority of actively managed portfolios (the portfolios that are managed by Ivy league grads who went to school to learn how to beat the market.)

Pretty cool, right?

course mock up banner with title.png

The Build Your Wealth Accelerator will teach you:

  • The key information you need to get started with investing immediately

  • None of the hype or fluff that you don’t need to know like technical analysis and options trading

  • How to build wealth in a way that is easy, effective, and automated

  • How to pick investments without spending hours upon hours monitoring stocks and researching companies

  •  The only course you’ll need to create an effective system that creates wealth for you

Meet Your Coach: Tasha L. Wilburn

Hi! I'm Tasha L. Wilburn. I am a college professor, author, and financial coach.


My colleagues call me Professor Wilburn but you can call me Tasha.

I was able increase my net worth by $300,000 in 3 years.


I spent the first couple of years of my financial independence journey focusing on becoming debt free.

Until the day I became a mom-- it hit me.

I didn’t want to just be debt free-- I wanted to be wealthy. In fact, I needed to be wealthy, because my children deserve it.

And the only way to do that? I knew I had to invest.

But I was scared too. Like so scared I decided to let someone else do it for me for a while, until I felt confident enough to do it myself.

Fast forward to now? I’m 32 years old with a multi-six-figure investment portfolio, despite having zero investing knowledge just a few years ago, and guess what?

If I can do it, so can you.


What I did wasn’t complicated.

It wasn’t extreme. And it is super replicable, which is why I created this course and started coaching folks.

Now, in the last two years, I’ve coached hundreds on how to money, and invest even with hectic schedules. My goal as a coach, with all my clients, is to get you to the place where you don’t need me anymore.


Because I want you to feel capable and confident in managing your own money-- without me. At the end of the day, no one is going to care more about your money than you do. Not your financial advisor, not your mom, not your spouse.




Week 1 – Goals Setting, Planning & Mindset

This week, we will focus on your main financial goals and create plans for them. A step-by-step walkthrough on how to use my custom-made wealth planner to track and plan your finances. You'll have a clear and easy-to-follow budget and net worth tracker, debt payoff and savings tracker, and an investment plan worksheet. After that, we will work on your money mindset.

Week 2 – Income, Auditing, Budgeting & Saving

In week 2, we will specifically work on and brainstorm your income sources as you can't build wealth without good, consistent income. We'll also start auditing your finances, working on your budget, & create savings plans.

Week 3 - Risk Management, Debt Management & Credit Maintenance

In week 3, we will evaluate potential financial risks associated with life events and put a plan in place to avoid or minimize impact. You will also learn the 4 different debt repayment strategies and create your own based on the options available. We also we will create plans to fix and maintain your credit as credit can be an asset you can leverage for wealth building.

Week 4 - How the Stock Market Works

In week 4, You'll learn about the history of the stock market so you can understand how it's performed and what that means for the future. You'll understand what you can buy including Index Funds, ETFs, stocks, and bonds. Understand why timing the market is a losing battle and what you should focus on instead.

Week 5 - Understanding Investment Accounts

In week 5, we will review the difference between a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA. You'll know after this class. You'll finally understand all the different types of accounts that you can use to invest and how they work together to save you the most in taxes. Find out how much you're paying in fees inside your 401k, 403b, or 457b plans. Learn how to access your retirement accounts early without paying penalties to fund your early retirement. This class also includes step-by-step videos on how to open an investment account.

Week 6 – Shopping For a Broker

In week 6, you will learn the differences between all the brokers out there and which one is right for you. You will also learn which brokers and apps you should avoid and why. You'll be able to decide whether you want to self-manage, use a roboadvisor, or hire an advisor to manage your investments. Then you will open your brokerage and retirement account. Also, we will open custodial accounts for minors in your life so you can start building wealth for them at the same time. Lastly, we will start covering stock investing.

Week 7 – Organizing Your Portfolio

In week 7, we will continue with stock investing to prepare you for building out your portfolio. We will be working on your asset allocation and retirement planning so you can successfully plan for your future. Have you ever looked at an index fund chart and had no idea what it meant? You will after this class. I'll show you how to shop for Target Date Index Funds, Index Funds, and ETFs. You'll apply everything you learned to create a portfolio that matches your goals. No more wondering and guessing what you should buy, how much, and when. You will design your personalized investment strategy and start investing.

Week 8 – Discipline & Turn It On!

In week 8, we will cover discipline so you can stay on track on your Wealth Building Journey. Channeling the right mindset so that you're a successful investor whether the market is up or down. How to avoid common investor mistakes and implement strategies to increase your chances of success! Then we will also turn your wealth-building system on!

Build Your Wealth Accelerator

The signature 8-week program that completely transforms your finances -- from tackling debt to becoming a fierce investor, healing your relationship with money and everything in between.

I teach you how to build guilt-free wealth, without restriction or sacrifice.
    You’re a good fit if you’re a USA resident and looking to understand how to invest or to invest towards financial independence. You’re looking for either an introduction to investing or a better understanding of how investing works and how to maximize its advantages. Maybe you’ve been investing in a 401k/403b, using a financial advisor, or a roboadvisor and you’d like to have a better understanding of your investments and whether you’re actually on track. This is NOT for you if you’re looking for get-rich-quick-scheme, hot stock tips, or if you want to learn about day trading, options trading, or crypto.
    I recommend that everyone have a 3-month emergency fund saved before they start investing. I don’t believe that you need to be 100% debt free to start investing. I invested while paying down $100,000 of student loans. I did this while building a $200,000 investment portfolio. Thanks to that decision, I am on track to retire by 45. This course is still useful if you have high-interest debt and want to learn about investing so that when you’re finally ready, you can start right away instead of losing more valuable time.
    So much has changed with investing that it’s now accessible to everyone! It’s free to open an investment account and you can start investing with as little as $5 with some brokers.
    As a BONUS, you have access to the Build Your Wealth community for 2 months. You’ll be able to post questions to the community page and I’ll answer them during the LIVE Q&As. Even if you can’t make it live, I’ll still answer your question on camera or in the community feed. The Live Q&As are on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm (EST). They are all recorded and the replay is posted inside Build Your Wealth. At the end of the 2 months, you may purchase a 30-day extension for $47. This is optional.
    There are 10 classes with approximately 15 hours of video instruction that make up the core of the course. There is also a wealth planner and assignments after each class which may take you a few more hours. The material is set up to be completed in 8 weeks but the timeframe and pace at which you complete the core of the course are totally up to you! You have lifetime access to the videos inside the Build Your Wealth course.
    About 80% of this course would still be applicable and useful to you. However, certain concepts do vary by country and no one course can cover all these differences. For example, investment accounts are differently named and have different criteria in each country. What we refer to as a ROTH IRA in the USA is referred to as an ISA in the UK and as a TFSA in Canada. Tax laws are also different in each country. So you will have to account for these differences as you work through the course.
    Absolutely not!! I’ve had students in their late 50s and 60s take my course and they got tremendous value from it. The older you are, the more critical it is that you understand investing because you have no time to waste. Every day that passes is precious time that you can be optimizing your financial plan.
    You have lifetime access to the videos inside Build Your Wealth™ including all the LIVE Q&A replays. You can watch it at your own pace. I suggest you try to complete it within 60 days so that you can take advantage of the 2-month access to me during the group coaching sessions. That way you can ask questions as you make your way through the course. However, if time runs out, you’ll have the option to purchase a 30-day pass and rejoin the community at any time! Access to this community is only available to those who purchase the course.


The information provided in the Build Your Wealth™ Course and Build Your Wealth™ Community is not intended as investment, tax, or legal advice. All information provided is for educational purposes only. I am not a Certified Financial Planner or a Certified Public Accountant. Investing in the stock market has risks and may result in loss of principal and capital gains. Past market performance does not guarantee future results. 

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