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Ready to build wealth

with minimal effort?

Even if you've never invested before, have no desire to become a finance professional and are an incredibly busy person.

Does this sound familiar?

You tell yourself over and over again that you'll start investing... someday.

But that someday hasn't come yet, has it.

More important things just keep getting in the way, so learning how to invest? That just keeps getting pushed off, because, isn’t that complicated anyway? How could you possibly learn something so huge that seems so unattainable for the 99% of the world that doesn’t work on Wall Street? 


So further down the ever-growing to-do list it goes.

Pencil and notepad

Well, what if next year could be now?

Imagine a world where you have ultimate time freedom because your investments are working so hard for you, they fund your life. You no longer have to work for money because you’ve made some smart decisions that led you to financial independence. 


Imagine having endless options. The option on how you want to spend your time. The option to travel whenever you want. The option on what kind of work you want to do. The option of where to live and who to spend your time with.


Imagine feeling so financially confident that you could take a break from working or tell that toxic job "goodbye" because you have enough money saved.


Imagine being able to hold your own when a financial advisor tries to convince you to buy an investment product you may not need.


Imagine never worrying about your financial future again.


Feels pretty good, right?

Now imagine... 

Your money is working for you.

Every dollar is being put to use.

You're building wealth on auto-pilot, and honestly? It was easy to get those systems in place.


Listen, I get it.

We're all busy.

We're working demanding careers, running our own businesses and side-hustles while also taking care of a household, whether that's a household with kids, a spouse or pets.


We've got meals to prep, bodies to take to the gym, kids to chauffeur to practice, naps to take, and Friday night plans to cancel.


We’re all busy and the last thing most of us need is a complicated plan on how to get our money working for us.

We need easy.
We need fast.
We need efficient.
And we need to set it & forget it.


Why I Created this Course for You

Want to know why I created this course and who it's for? Check out this video!

You've seen other investing courses... and something doesn't feel quite right.

Seriously! Do you really need PE ratios, technical analysis and all the puts and options that would almost qualify you for as a CFP?


Definitely not, right?

I know how scary it can be... to realize that no one is coming to save you. Not our government, not our parents, not a prince in shiny armor, not a hefty inheritance. I had to come to several of those realizations in my own life:

  • Realizing it was up to me to get out of debt 

  • Realizing it was up to me to get out of homelessness

  • Realizing it was up to me, and only me, to prepare for my future

  • Realizing no one was coming to save me


We have to be our own saviors when it comes to our futures. So you ready to do this for yourself?


If you're finally ready to...

  • Secure your own future

  • Start investing to build wealth

  • Stop questioning your financial decisions

  • Feel confident that your money is working for you

  • Overcome any mental blocks that are holding you back from getting that bag

  • Feel at peace with your financial future

  • Work toward time freedom and unlimited options


...without feeling like you need to get a PhD in Financial Planning… then it’s time to join the course so that you can set your wealth building engine on autopilot, and get compounding in less than 60 days.

This is Why I Created The Build Your Wealth Course. 

What I teach in The Build Your Wealth Accelerator Course is not only everything you need to get started right away, but it works. In fact, the method I teach is the same method that consistently outperforms the majority of actively managed portfolios (the portfolios that are managed by Ivy league grads who went to school to learn how to beat the market.)

Pretty cool, right?

course mock up banner with title.png

The Build Your Wealth Accelerator will teach you:

  • The key information you need to get started with investing immediately

  • None of the hype or fluff that you don’t need to know like technical analysis and options trading

  • How to build wealth in a way that is easy, effective, and automated

  • How to pick investments without spending hours upon hours monitoring stocks and researching companies

  •  The only course you’ll need to create an effective system that creates wealth for you